Cross Cultural Internship Program


The idea of this program is to allow students to come to Singapore and stay with a Singaporean Family. They will live and eat with the host family over a short period of time, thus experiencing multi-racial harmony in Singapore. They will learn to adapt and be part of the family union, at the same time they will work with a MNCs company during their short stay. The whole purpose is to learn how people behave in South East Asia and experience working life here.
In the evening and weekends, they will visit places of interest or tourist attractions. During the last week of their stay, we will arrange for them to go to nearby countries for a short holiday.
Studentís safety is our primary concern. Host family will be assessed and meticulously scrutinized. It is important that students will play their part and host family accept them as part of their family. The roles of the host family will ensure that the welfare of the students will be taken care of.


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